• Group deal for spiders

  • Common Questions

    Will pressure washing the house hurt this?
    Yes, if you want to do some spring pressure washing now would be a good time get it done before we spray. Note: our treatment spray around the windows may leave water marks on the windows, this can be washed after treatment.

    How effective is this? It is BAD where we are!
    You will notice a difference within 24 hours of our service. For most houses, one service appointment is all you need. If the spiders are very bad, we do offer a booster spray to get you through the summer.

    Does the spider species matter?
    We spray for all common species in Calgary.

    Do you spray inside AND outside?
    This is only outside treatment. We spray around all door ways and windows. For most cases, an outside spray is all you need. Interior treatment is available upon request for an additional charge.


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    • This deal is primary Auburn Bay residents, it has been extended to the communities on this list. If your community is not listed, you can contact us directly to see if we can add you into our limited spots.
    • Area of focus: children's play structures or lawn/deck furniture to be treated.
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