• Porcupines

  • The slow-moving but destructive porcupines are attracted to the areas under decks, inside garages, sheds or other outbuildings for the purpose of building a den. Along with associating human habitats with possible shelter, the animals feast on garden and landscape plants and trees. The destruction left behind could easily cost a homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Porcupines are typically nocturnal. Possible clues to their existence include fecal matter at the entrance of habitation sites and the damage to landscape and property. 

    Hazards: Although rare, porcupines might be infected with rabies. However, their limited interactions with other animal species reduce the chance of contracting diseases. Along with physical property destruction, the thousands of quills on a porcupine are menacing to dogs and people. While cats typically do not confront the animals, the territorial nature of dogs makes them likely to suffer the consequences of attacking the rodent. The dog is then left to endure painful misery, and the pet owner encounters a substantial vet bill. 

    Thorough evaluation of the property and removal services are more effectively and safely performed by a professional exterminator.