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ZAP Pest Control is a full service pest control team with over 15 years experience serving Calgary and surrounding areas. Our long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. We take great pride in zapping your pests.

Frequently Asked

Why choose ZAP Pest Control?

At ZAP, our mission is to eliminate your pests in the safest ways possible; we do this by always minimizing the amount of chemical we bring into your home. Sometimes, we can resolve your pest issues without any chemicals at all!

I have bird in my vent, can ZAP help?

Absolutely, give us a call and let’s chat about getting rid of your birds in a humane and reliable way and preventing them from coming back.

Are your pest control treatments pets and kids safe?

Yes, our chemical treatments are 100% children and pet safe. Depending on the procedure we may ask you to leave the house for a few hours.

I hear sounds in the attic, can ZAP help?

Yes, depending on what the pest causing the sounds, we have all the right tools and knowledge to get rid of it. We always get rid your pests in a humane and reliable way.