We specialize in year round pest control throughout Calgary. Our services can take care of indoor and outdoor pests, some of which include rodents, bedbugs, flies, ants, cockroaches, spiders, and birds.

Let Us ZAP Your Pests Today!

Our service area covers Calgary and surrounding areas. We are here to help 7 days a week and all year round to ensure your family is safe from bugs and pests. Remember, unwanted pests can cause damage to your property and home, but more importantly, they can hurt your health by contaminating your food.

Your Safety Is Our Number One Priority

At ZAP, our mission is to eliminate your pests in the safest ways possible; we do this by always minimizing the amount of chemical we bring into your home. Sometimes, we can resolve your pest issues without any chemicals at all!

We Drive Unmarked Trucks

Even though you’ll be happy when we arrive, we understand that you only call us when there’s an issue. We believe your privacy is important, so our trucks don’t have flashy advertising to alert your friends and neighbours about your bugs and pests.

Our Proven Process

Our experience in the pest control industry has taught us the right and wrong ways to eliminate bugs and pests. We have our process refined to ensure your house is pest free. All our services come with a Full Service Warranty.

So why delay? Call us today, and let us ZAP your bugs and pests away!

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ZAP Pest Control is a full service pest control team with over 15 years experience serving Calgary and surrounding areas. Our long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. We take great pride in zapping your pests.