Though four species of skunks call Canada home, the striped skunks are the most prolific in Calgary. Conflicts with humans arise when the animals nest under porches, beneath homes or in buildings. They are omnivorous and feed on plants, insects and smaller animals. However, their feeding habits often include burrowing seven to 10 centimeter cone-shaped holes in lawns or soil in search of insects and larvae. With a keen sense of smell, skunks are also commonly drawn to the odor of garbage and may enter bins or receptacles. While searching for something edible, the animals often litter the area. Typically shy, they are also near-sighted and cannot see beyond eight to 10 feet. They are mainly feared for the noxious spray that they emit. The odor, body waste, fleas and ticks that are associated with skunks are good reasons to contact ZAP Pest Control.

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