While all types of birds can become a nuisance, rock doves or rock pigeons top the avian list of pests. Some compare the species to rats. Their population is numerous and when mature, they prefer to nest close to the location of their birth, which makes for an ever-growing flock at one site that become resistant to relocation. Some of their favourite nesting spaces include gutters, roof tops, beneath the eaves of upper roofs on multi-level homes or in the spaces between roof lines. Besides the annoyance of the cooing noise, the birds are filthy. In addition to the mess created as the birds come, go and perch, the nests continually accumulate droppings from adult and young birds. The fecal matter is very acidic in nature and may damage shingles, siding and other building materials. The droppings are also a known health risk, as it harbours an array of harmful bacteria and fungi. The birds additionally commonly carry fleas, lice and mites. The possible health danger involved requires the expertise of ZAP Pest Control.

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